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Newport Beach Firm Safeguards Clients’ Intellectual Property

Southern California attorneys advise on patent and copyright matters

Most people understand how important intellectual property protection is to companies who specialize in scientific or technical work. In reality, every business has a significant interest in protecting the value of their work and market reputation. At HamptonHolley, LLP, we provide thorough intellectual property representation to a wide variety of businesses in California and elsewhere. Our firm, located in the Corona del Mar section of Newport Beach, asserts the rights of clients in trademark, patent, copyright and counterfeiting cases. Whether you have a question about a nondisclosure agreement or need to take swift action to defeat a competitor’s threat, our lawyers will safeguard your ability to profit from your hard work.

Skilled advocates assist with trademark and counterfeiting issues

With 75 years of combined experience, our business law attorneys understand the legal and practical aspects of intellectual property matters. We provide trustworthy advice in cases involving:

  • Patents — Creating a useful product or process is detailed, difficult work. Ensuring that ownership rights are properly conferred is not only fair, but also necessary to promote further innovations. If you seek to establish a patent or feel that your rights have been infringed upon, we can provide immediate assistance.
  • Trademarks — Establishing a brand for your business means that clients and consumers have an easy way to identify you and your strong reputation. Our lawyers can explain how to create a legal trademark or service mark and prevent outsiders from threatening your marketing potential.
  • Copyrights — The time and effort that goes into published work or other creative endeavors is substantial. Unfortunately, the explosion of online sharing means that, without proper protection, others might take credit for what you’ve done. Even if your project is in an early stage, it is important to pursue a copyright. We will guide you through the process and go after people and companies who violate your rights.
  • Counterfeiting — Using someone else’s name to sell a product or service can be very simple for wrongdoers who wish to profit from another’s good name. If you’ve been targeted by counterfeiters, we work tirelessly to obtain prompt justice.

We are accomplished civil litigation advocates who have extensive knowledge of intellectual property law. Whether you need to create a solid nondisclosure agreement or have been victimized by IP theft, our firm will vigorously advocate for your interests.

Contact an accomplished Southern California intellectual property attorney

HamptonHolley, LLP advises California clients on all types of intellectual property matters, including trademark and copyright concerns. Please call 949-432-7149 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our office in Newport Beach’s Corona del Mar section.

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